Saturday, February 25, 2012

Got Wood?

Today Tessa said, "You know how our horses were listed at the SPCA as a Morgan cross and a Quarter Horse cross?"


"Well, I figured out the other part of the mix."



She's right.  Our horses are into really into wood.  Mouthing, nibbling, chewing, gnawing, splintering, savoring.....

The corral started out really nice and unblemished.  Considering that over 50% of the wood is salvaged/repurposed lumber, we were pleased with how it ended up looking.  Vintage.  Seasoned.  Au natural.


It begins like this:

And deteriorates to this:

 Then this:


and finally, freedom.

Not to worry, they came home for breakfast.  Sadly, there was only hay.

1 comment:

  1. termite huh? Why don't you bring them over and let them lose next door. They would have that eyesore shack eaten in a matter of hours. Hmmmm. I love them.